Saying “I’m Sorry!” in More than 100 Languages

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Many people find apologizing very difficult. For some, it is a sign of weakness. Interestingly, others do not see it as weakness at all but rather the “responsible” or “right” thing to do. Others also say it is a sign of strength or maturity.

A single misunderstanding, quarrel, or infraction could save or end whatever relationship is at stake, be it marital, parental, or business. So, make a difference and extend your sincerest apology by saying “I’m Sorry” in the language that the person knows and understands.

This AHAbook contains more than 100 translations of the apologetic phrase “I’m Sorry!” Here are five translations. Why don’t you go directly to the AHAbook and share more of them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or G+:

  1. Žao mi je! (I’m Sorry! in Bosnian) — in more than 100 languages [click to tweet]
  2. Pasayloa ko! (I’m Sorry! in Cebuano) — in more than 100 languages [click to tweet]
  3. Przepraszam! (I’m Sorry! in Polish) — in more than 100 languages [click to tweet]
  4. Lo siento! (I’m Sorry! in Spanish) — in more than 100 languages [click to tweet]
  5. Ma binu! (I’m Sorry! in Yoruba) — in more than 100 languages [click to tweet]

To see and learn how to automatically share AHAmessages from this book, you may check out this video:

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