Here are some of the marketing packages we're currently offering in association with AHAthat. Keep tuned as we are continually looking for marketing solutions that worth sharing.

Amazon Bestseller Campaign

Amazon bestseller campaign is a coordinated book launch where you get as many people as you can to download or purchase your book within the shortest period of time.

The Voices Of Thought Leaders Worldwide

Get inspired and motivated 24 hours a day. Hear the voices of Thought Leaders worldwide through their AHAmessages that were specifically crafted to deliver high-impact, motivational content. Thought leaders on AHAthat Radio have carefully crafted content that addresses their customer’s point-of-pain (CPOP). Every message is designed to inspire and deliver that AHA moment.

AHAthat Marketing Package

90% of a book’s success happens after the writing is done. To be successful, you need to market! Click on to see our DIY marketing checklist of things you can do to market your AHAbook.

Create Short Videos for Your Book!

Touch your prospects visually and kinesthetically with video summaries of your book sections

AHAthat Plugin

Put compelling evergreen content from the AHAthat platform onto your site. A registered AHAthat user can specify a specific AHAbook, AHAlibrary, or category of content to share via any site they want (HTML, PHP, WordPress, social media, etc.).


The AHAblaster is a great way for you to automatically share content on social media.

You need to pick up an AHAkey (click on the “Pricing” tab) to unlock the ability to share and entire AHAbook. Very powerful!

Defining Your Value Proposition

Want the Value Proposition for YOUR Business
that screams to your prospects that you are an expert
at solving their problems?