Bridge Cultures and Empower Women with Melissa Lamson and Her 3 AHAbooks

For over 20 years, Melissa Lamson ( has been a sought-after consultant refining executive presence, developing global leadership, and transforming careers. She holds particular expertise in Diversity Leadership and has worked with hundreds of female executives, assisting their professional development and accelerating their career paths.

Her first AHAbook, Melissa Lamson on Cultural Transformation (, is comprised of 140 cutting-edge tidbits of advice on how to lead societal reorganizations and deal with a changing business processes.

The book is a quick read as it’s a compilation of 140 actionable quotes. Here are five AHAmessages. Why don’t you go directly to the AHAbook and share more of them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or G+:

  1. #CulturalTransformation means changing the foundation of a company. This isn’t easy once the house is built. @melissa_lamson1 [click to tweet]
  2. Take a team, define the rules of the game, give them a goal, give them the necessary resources & let them find their way. @melissa_lamson1 [click to tweet]
  3. Be curious every day about the people you work with – understand the uniqueness of individual backgrounds & experiences. @melissa_lamson1 [click to tweet]
  4. Establish new habits and practice them daily until they are internalized. Transformation will become imminent. @melissa_lamson1 [click to tweet]
  5. Transparency in the process is what distinguishes a transformative approach from a change initiative. @melissa_lamson1 [click to tweet]

To continue her mission of helping global organizations collaborate and prosper across a diverse workforce and customer base, she released her second AHAbook entitled Melissa Lamson on #BridgingCultures ( If you need to ensure successful cross-cultural business negotiations, sales, and partnerships globally, then this intercultural handbook is perfect for you. It is made up of 140 simple tips on how to become savvy at bridging cultures.

Here are five compelling AHAmessages from this book:

  1. #BridgingCultures is crucial for business. If you don’t understand diverse worldviews, you won’t be successful. @melissa_lamson1 #Culture [click to tweet]
  2. In Germany, the word “No” doesn’t always mean “I don’t agree”; it can mean “I don’t see your point, convince me.” @melissa_lamson1 #Culture [click to tweet]
  3. People from Africa are generally more Collectivistic in nature, and are therefore more hierarchical. @melissa_lamson1 #Culture [click to tweet]
  4. In Japan, the packaging and presentation of a gift is, in many cases, more important than the gift itself. @melissa_lamson1 #Culture [click to tweet]
  5. A thumbs up can mean “good job” in America, but be an insult in Turkey. @melissa_lamson1 #Culture [click to tweet]

Her third AHAbook, #WomenAdvance (, provides 140 valuable insights, tips, and tools to support women in their career growth and leadership goals. By being aware of external barriers, removing internal barriers, and learning how to handle complex situations with confidence, women will have more opportunity to rise to the top of any organization they choose.

Here are five inspiring AHAmessages from her third book:

  1. While assertive men are often seen as confident go-getters, assertive #women are seen as demanding. #doublestandard @melissa_lamson1 [click to tweet]
  2. Don’t be too busy to promote (men don’t link busyness with promotion); work less and get promoted. #womenadvance @melissa_lamson1 [click to tweet]
  3. #Women should consciously acknowledge that self-doubt is merely a reflex and not an accurate barometer of abilities. @melissa_lamson1 [click to tweet]
  4. Don’t be surprised if you do business with men all day but are segregated at #women-only dinner tables that night. @melissa_lamson1 [click to tweet]
  5. It is important for #women to leave guilt behind and have a dialogue with partners about sharing life responsibilities. @melissa_lamson1 [click to tweet]

As a thought leader in her industry, Melissa has successfully helped countless individuals, teams, and organizations to be more productive, profitable, and happy. Her clients include universities, non-profits, and small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies.

With her AHAbooks and the AHAthat platform, she is able to simply impart great insights and tips while her audience also find them fun and easier to read and share. Why don’t you consider becoming an AHAthat author today?

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