Success North Dallas AHAbook

We are proud to announce that

We were able to create an AHAbook

by collecting the content from the conference attendees and turned

it into an AHAbook and published it after 24 hours!

In a world where face-to-face conversations are becoming rare due to technology and globalization, entering into business partnerships and closing deals with a handshake are unbelievable to many. Not to Texans, though! A handshake is as good as a binding contract.

AHAmessages from “We Texans Do Business With a Handshake” come from members of the Success North Dallas group. They shared their thoughts on what a handshake means to them and how it helped them achieve life and business success. The AHA messages provide inspiration for those who want to learn a thing or two about good business practices that anyone can follow. Why worry about how to run your business when you can find these ideas and reminders — seemingly basic but highly recommended — to emulate and apply to your business?

Mitchell Levy Speaking at Success North Dallas