Welcome to the AHAbook Silver Authoring Accountability Program

Writing a book is hard. It takes time, effort and motivation to both start and finish. There are times when you are about to work on it, something will come up and book writing gets pushed to the side. On the other hand, if you had someone to probe you, it may be enough impetus to ensure that you finish what you set out to do! That someone could be us!

AHAthat is currently offering the AHAccountability program. If you signed up for the program, you will automatically be billed every month and every quarter you will receive a credit to publish one AHAbook. These credits are valid as long as you are a paying member. You will also be the first to receive new products and services. For a monthly fee of $150, you will be able to publish 4 AHAbooks a year!

To learn more about the AHAthat, please check out this page: https://www.AHAthat.com/Author/

If you are interested, please complete the payment via our shopping cart:  http://aha.pub/silveraha