Create An Anthology Book

Creating an Anthology Book to Make Money and Friends

An anthology book is one where there is more than one author. Typically though, it refers to books with 5+ authors.

Turning Ideas Into Impact  is one of our Anthology that was written by 16 authors and have created 16 high-impact chapters that can give you and your business the Silicon Valley advantage.

There are many benefits of creating your anthology book including making money while building and enhancing friendships.

We were able to create an AHAbook by collecting the content from the conference attendees and turned it into an AHAbook and published it after 24 hours!:

Why Create an Anthology book

To stand out in today’s world as someone with credibility, there are many paths one can take. Writing a book is one of the best. Writing a book which is an Amazon bestseller is even better. Taking it one step further, how about inviting contributors to be part of the book while promising that they will become bestselling authors.

Writing an anthology book not only allows you to write that much faster, as you have many contributors, but it also allows you to spread the word quicker while you’re getting paid. If done right, you’re making friends and have the potential of turning those friends into clients and referral partners. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

Let us help you make this easy. Start by clicking on the “Act Now” button below.

Summary of Business Model  (Click here for Business Model)

  1. You pay a small upfront fee, then split profit with AHAthat.
  2. You choose the number of contributors, how many “free” contributors, what price to charge, and what other services to deliver. Note: One service is the number of books that contributors receive.
  3. Contributors can share content via a GoogleForm (the easy approach) or directly to you via an interview. If you use the GoogleForm, we will create the GoogleForm and review the questions that you submitted to ensure that they will produce the results you are looking for.
  4. For the contributor, they get directed to a page to pay for their contribution, then immediately after payment, get directed to either the GoogleForm or your calendar.
  5. Whether you use a GoogleForm or interview contributors to the book, you will significantly increase your relationship with contributors.
  6. You may decide to create a Facebook group or another group with contributors so you can stay in contact with them.
  7. You, and all contributors, will become Amazon Bestselling authors.
  8. You and the contributors can purchase additional books at a discounted rate seen in the business model document above. You receive 50% profit on all book purchases.

Once you create an Anthology book, your book will be listed on this page which you will use to collect contributors:

To start your anthology book, please follow these two steps:

  1. Fill the out 5-questions anthology document.
  2. Click on this link to pay

If you have questions, reach out to or call 408-257-3000.